Lake County: Stolen truck delivered right to sheriff

2:02 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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PAINESVILLE -- The Lake County Sheriff's Department posed this question: If a thief steals a car, and then brings it to you at the Sheriff's Office, do you arrest him or thank him?

Lake County Sheriff's Deputies found themselves in that situation Thursday morning.

At 6:40 a.m. Thursday, a Dunbar Court resident in Painesville Township called and said her husband's black 2003 Dodge Ram truck had just been stolen from the driveway.

The woman said her husband was warming up the truck before leaving for work, and suddenly a man stole the truck from the driveway.

She explained her husband was attempting to follow the suspect in another vehicle.

Lake County Sheriff's Office Deputies responded to the area as the thief was reported to be heading into the City of Painesville.

Lt. Jeff Sherwood was just getting ready to pull out of the Sheriff's Office parking lot to respond to this call when he heard tires squealing.

Sherwood then saw a black Dodge Ram truck approaching westbound on Mentor Avenue and driving erratically.

It was then the truck's driver apparently saw Sherwood and proceeded to abruptly pull into the Sheriff's Office parking lot, drive over a landscaped island in the lot, and then the driver jumped out of the truck and tried to run away.

Sherwood caught the driver immediately and he was identified as Christopher E. Haller, 33, of Painesville Township.

Haller was charged with the theft of a motor vehcile and put into the Lake County Jail.

The truck's owner retrieved his stolen truck from the Sheriff's Office parking lot a short time later.


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