Exposing winter car driving dangers

12:46 AM, Feb 3, 2013   |    comments
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MENTOR -- Inside Classic Toyota in Mentor, Scott Sill can fix everything from a blue Matrix to the purple drag racer he drives in the summer.

And with 26 years of experience, he's our winter expert too. He's a master diagnostic technician.

First, let's talk tires and it starts with pressure. "You lose a little tire pressure with the cold weather, especially on aluminum rims," he said.

"Steel rims hold it a little better. You can put your pressure up higher by two pounds and it tells you the number on your door."

Scott says your tires should be checked every other week and rotated every other oil change.

Wiper blades? Scott says don't go cheap and don't climb into a car and turn them on to clear the ice with the windshield washer blue liquid.

"You should get out and get your scraper," Scott said.

"Scrape your wiper blades and clear off your windshield. Definitely don't use your squirter or you'll rip the blades off and they'll stick to the glass and ruin the transmission."

And what if your windshield blue fluid freezes and leaves you feeling blue, here's Scott's trick to thaw it out.

"Pour a little hot water in there and make sure you use it all up and then put in fresh windshield washer fluid," He said.


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