Deadly chase: State's findings at a glance; read the report

10:23 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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Attorney General Mike DeWine has released the state's findings in the investigation into a deadly police chase and shooting that left two people dead last fall.

DeWine detailed a chaotic situation in which he blamed a "systemic failure" within the Cleveland Police Department's command and communication for failing to keep the chase under control and creating a dangerous cross-fire situation that put officers' lives at risk. 

He says gunshot residue tests on Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were inconclusive.  Despite a thorough search, no weapon has been found in their car or along the chase route.   It's suspected the metallic object some officers reported seeing and mistook for a gun was likely a pop can.  The sounds witnesses described as being a gunshot were proved to be the car backfiring instead.

"Policy, training, communications, and command have to be so strong and so ingrained to prevent subjective judgment from spiraling out of control.  The system has to take over and put on the brakes.    On November 29, 2012, the system failed everyone."  


Other findings:


  • 13 officers fired shots. 
  • 137 shots fired at car carrying Russell and Williams
  • 60+ vehicles involved in the pursuit.
  • All but 3 of the vehicles involved in chase were doing do without permission
  • Shots fired in two separate bursts
  • Entire duration of firings lasted a total of 17.8 seconds


For a look at the state's entire narrative of events see the attached PDF or:


For a look at all of the state's reports:



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