Columbus: DeWine releases shooting animation

12:15 AM, Feb 9, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has released an animation that depicts the 17-plus seconds sequence of events of officers shooting and killing suspects Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell following a massive high speed chase.

DeWine said the animation.."is not meant to be an exact reconstruction of what happened.....rather its purpose is to help investigators visualize the sequence of events based upon the officers' statements" and create a visual tool.

Blue triangles in the animation represent officers.

The placement and timing of individual shots is a marriage of officers' testimony and audio recordings by animators.

DeWine plans to release more investigative information after its cleared and redacted by lawyers, including video statements of officers with their faces blurred.

Many are commenting on the extraordinary publicizing of evidence before grand jury proceedings have begun.


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