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Brimfield: Police department a Facebook sensation

9:31 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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BRIMFIELD -- Social media sites like Facebook are helping police departments connect with the public like never before.

One local police department is taking its online popularity to the next level -- merchandising.

WKYC Photojournalist Carl Bachtel takes us to Brimfield where the department is cashing in for a good cause.

The Brimfield Police Department is a Facebook sensation. The police chief says they have over 33,000 "likes" for their page, which brings unprecedented exposure to the small department.

They have Facebook fans from all 50 states and about 20 countries.

All those "hits" caught the eye of Young's Screenprinting and Embroidery in Cuyahoga Falls.

So he contacted Chief David Oliver to see if he would be interested in selling t-shirts and having something that all of his followers could buy.

So, Young has designed shirts with some of the Facebook page's favorite one-liners.

The most popular? "No Mopes"

Young says they just seized the opportunity to have those things made, sell them, and use that money towards school security.

Brimfield has already added a second school resource officer to the district, but they are looking to fund other improvements.

They are looking at bullet-proofing some glass, adding some intercoms, and some camera stations.

Young has a map tracking order requests for the "NO MOPES" merchandise, which includes hats, decals, key chains and coffee mugs.

They've had 16 states contact us for orders and we've sold about 375 decals. All will soon be available to fans in the department's online store.

You can have some fun and know the money is going to help secure the schools, turning page popularity into proceeds for safety.


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