Blog: Are 'hackers' modern-day 'dare-takers'?

10:43 PM, Feb 19, 2013   |    comments
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Are today's internet hackers the modern-day version of "I triple-dog-dare you to..."?

I asked someone Tuesday why hackers "hack"? Is it to see if they can or is it like a dare? I'm still not sure.

This was brought to mind Tuesday when Apple confirmed it was hit by a hacker attack affecting "a limited number of Mac systems" through a hole in Java's plug-in for Web browsers.

Later Tuesday, the same hackers who hacked into Burger King's Twitter account took over Chrysler's Jeep Twitter account, sending out tweets that maligned the off-road vehicle and company management.

The unidentified hackers replaced Jeep's logo with Cadillac's and suggested Chrysler's iconic group had been sold to the General Motors Company luxury brand, forcing Cadillac to clarify that it had nothing to do with the hack on its own Twitter feed.

"The official Twitter handle for the Jeep -- Just Empty Every Pocket. Sold to Cadillac ... In a hood near you!" read the tagline on Jeep's Twitter page.

"Sorry guys ... no more Jeep production because we caught our CEO doing this," read one tweet that linked to a picture of a man inhaling on what appeared to be a bong. A Cadillac spokesman in Detroit said the brand had no official comment.

On Monday, Burger King's Twitter account was hacked. Starting just after noon Monday, the fast-food company's Twitter picture was changed to a McDonald's logo, and the account tweeted that it had been sold to rival McDonald's.

Some posts from the account contained racial epithets, references to drug use and obscenities. The account has also tweeted: "if I catch you at a wendys, we're fightin!"

Miami-based Burger King Worldwide Inc. said about 55 tweets were sent out.

I don't have a lot of spare time and so I wonder where people are finding the time to indulge in this?

I don't condone it and I've always been a firm believer of the saying "Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should."

Although I must say, they are rather hilarious (except for the racial epithets, of course) so if you must hack, keep it hilarious, not hateful.


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