Cleveland: Federal workers wait for sequestration cuts

7:12 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Layoffs, furloughs and buyouts may be in the future of many Federal workers if mandatory sequestration program cuts take place March 1st.

David Sheagley's a Social Security worker who takes calls from applicants for disability payments.

He says workers have been told they'd be furloughed one day a week meaning they's lose about a fifth of their income.

"This creates uncertainty in my household as it does in the whole economy," he said.

He's also worried about the impact on the public.

He says with recent staff reductions, there are sometimes 625 callers on line waiting to talk to someone about their case.

FBI agents, court workers, TSA airport screeners and other categories of federal workers face possible layoffs.

Some agencies are expected to offer senior workers buyouts.

Some workers agencies have not told them what to expect yet.

A worker exiting the Celebrezze Federal Building said, "They're just getting things in order just in case...everybody's concerned."

Every federal program will be impacted.

Ohio is projected to lose $300,000,000 of federal funding for the rest of 2013 if they cuts happen, according to a study by the Legislative Service Commission.


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