Mentor: Police identified suspects in two of four threats

5:17 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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MENTOR -- School officials released a statement Friday that not only will students involved face serious consequences from the district, but the students who made these threats will also likely face criminal charges.

Officials said the three middle schools impacted held assemblies Friday morning in response to threats of violence at each of the schools over the past week.

The investigation into each threat continued Friday. Police have identified suspects in two of the four threats, and have also determined all four were unsubstantiated.

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Principals and assistant principals at Shore, Memorial and Ridge told the students that such threats will not be tolerated, and those caught making threats will be punished to the furthest extent of policy.

A similar announcement was also made at Mentor High School.

Students were warned that the furthest extent of punishment from the school district would mean expulsion for the incidents experienced this week.

The likely criminal charges could be inducing panic, a second degree felony.

In addition, officials said the parents of those students "will have to pay for additional costs incurred by the district and probably the city as well."

In those assemblies, it was also said Mentor Schools will seek recuperation for the costs incurred by these evacuations, such as busing, fuel and food.

District administrators are finding the security cameras that were just installed in the middle schools this year to be helpful in investigating.

The students were encouraged to come forward with any information they might have that could be helpful to police or administrators.


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