Chardon one year later: Community turns to churches while healing

8:05 PM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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As the Chardon community has looked to heal over the past year, many students and residents have found comfort at churches.

The churches in Chardon, no matter demonination, have come together to help people, says Pastor Bill Mullet of the Chardon Assembly of God.

"Any kind of differences that would normally maybe be looked at all the churches [everyone] just laid them aside and focused on people," he says.

Though, he adds, healing is still taking place.

"As I look at the students especially, the youth group here, and as I hear the students talking about what took place a year ago, the students are still shaken, they're still shaken by it," he says. "When other tragedies have happened around the country, each and every time, it shakes them up again, it brings back memories, they've told me nightmares."

Still, Mullet is hopeful that students who found comfort in the church community will carry that experience with them for the rest of their lives.

"The thing that I think about the most, and that I pray for the most, somehow, the blessing that God gave us in being able to be here at a time like this, to be able to touch these young folks' lives is that maybe that can make a difference for the rest of their life, that it won't just be something that was here for a time and a tragedy, but that it can really be something that is longstanding and affect the rest of their life."


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