Perkins Township: Convenience store armed robbery caught on camera

6:37 PM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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PERKINS TOWNSHIP -- There were some scary moments in Sandusky as a man robs a convenience store at gunpoint -- and it's all caught on camera.

Perkins Township Police say just before midnight on March 1, a masked man came to the Perkins Convenient Food Mart.

The suspect was dressed all in black and carrying a handgun.

The clerk says he shooed customers out of the store and demanded the clerk at gunpoint, "Give me the green."

The attached video shows the man getting behind the counter while the clerk hurriedly throws cash from two drawers into a plastic bag.

Once outside, Perkins township police say he fired three rounds at a witness's car in the parking lot.

Chief Ken Klamar says they still haven't found the suspect. Police believe he got away on foot.

"We're working on following up some leads right now we're hopefully that we're going to be able to catch him soon," said Klamar.

The store's owner, Maheshkuman Patel, didn't want to speak on camera but told Channel 3 that he's glad no one got hurt. He said the clerk did the right thing in this situation.

This is the second time this store has been robbed in recent weeks. It's not clear if the two robberies are related.














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