Cleveland: Local Catholics pray for Cardinal conclave

5:53 PM, Mar 12, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- As the College of Cardinals convenes for the conclave at the Vatican, local Catholics around the world are praying for the election of a new Pope.

In Cleveland Tuesday, Bishop Richard Lennon held a Mass with a message centered on prayer for the conclave.

Lennon said first and foremost, he hopes that the priest elected be holy, as well as truly caring for the people.

The bishop called it a very important moment in the life of the Catholic church.

The Vatican sent out special prayers for special masses to be held Tuesday at the diocese worldwide.

How long might it take to elect a new Pope?

"We have no way of knowing. The longest we've had in the last 100 years was five days, so that would give some indication that the Cardinals know one another to some degree," said Bishop Lennon.

The Bishop added this perspective: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was very well known -- he was the Dean of the College of Cardinals -- when he was elected Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. 

Lennon says it is unclear if there is someone as well known today.

On what it would mean for Cleveland if Cardinal Sean O'Malley was elected. O'Malley is the Archbishop of Boston and is a Cleveland native.

Lennon had this to say:

"I suppose anything's a possibility, really. If he was chosen, it would be something very special for Cleveland because he grew up here. He was baptized here, went to school here, and all of that happened in the diocese of Cleveland. That's something that would mean a great deal," said Bishop Lennon.


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