3 on 3: Knives on planes, punishment for a bully

2:08 PM, Mar 14, 2013   |    comments
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Time for 3 on 3, were we tackle the white hot topics of the day with our three panelists and we try to squeeze it into 3 minutes.

To tackle this, we're joined by Bob Frantz of WTAM 1100, Margaret Mitchell of the YWCA of Greater Cleveland and local attorney and cash-mob founder Andrew Samtoy.

Up first: a Colorado mom who says she's run out of punishments for her kids who were stealing and bullying has taken to sending them to school wearing t-shirts that label the kids as "bully" or "thief."

Her daughter's shirt said "I steal!!! Steal means taking property belonging to someone else without permission..." on the back it said: "I steal...Please watch me."

The 2nd grader said that she was made fun of by her classmates and the principal had her cover the shirt up.

Frequent fliers are paying close attention to whether small knives of a certain length should be allowed back on airplanes. This has gotten a lot of attention since its the first time since 9-11 that knives of any kind are allowed on board.

The head of the TSA faced questions on Capital Hill Thursday by those looking to have the knife rule reversed. Flight attendants say it will make them less safe on board.


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