Steubenville rape trial: Defense witnesses take the stand

10:04 AM, Mar 16, 2013   |    comments
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STEUBENVILLE-- Witnesses for the defense took the stand during the early hours Saturday of this fourth day of trial.

Judge Thomas Lipps allowed the defense to question two of its teenage witnesses out of order because of the distance they had to travel.

Gionna Anile, former friend of the alleged victim, testified she tried to stop the girl from leaving the party with defendants Trent Mays and Ma' lik Richmond.

Both are former standout athletes on the Steubenville football team. They are charged with rape.

"She would not listen to me. I tried to pull her back, saying 'let's go.' She swung her arm at me," Anile said.

Several witnesses describe the 16-year-old girl as highly intoxicated at the end of summer party.

Eyewitnesses on Friday testified they saw the defendants committing sex acts with the girl, first in the back seat of a car.

Football Teammate Mark Cole testified that he videotaped it.

Another teammate, Anthony Craig, testified that the second assault happened in the basement of Cole's house.

According to testimony, at  the time the girl was lying motionless on the floor, she had just thrown up and was face down.

The prosecution argued the sex wasn't forced but, instead, the victim was too impaired to consent.

The defense is attempting to convince the judge that, in fact, the sex was consensual and the girl, while impaired, knew what she was doing.

Anile testified that when she picked up the alleged victim from Cole's house the next morning, she didn't seem upset and  only concerned with finding her cell phone.

When asked what she did all night, Anile testified she didn't seem truthful.

"Her first response was, 'we didn't have sex, I swear.' Then she said, 'I don't know, I don't remember,'" Anile said.

The trial is currently in recess while the witness reviews the statement she made to police during the investigation.


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