Steubenville case verdict ignites social media

11:08 AM, Mar 17, 2013   |    comments
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STEUBENVILLE -- Not only has the Steubenville rape trial captured national interest, but it has sent social media ablaze with comments.

Here is a small sampling of what our viewers had to say on the WKYC Facebook page after a judge announced that both teens accused in the case were deemed delinquent (guilty) and sentenced to a minimum of one year, but could remain jailed until the age of 21.

Viewer reaction on Facebook:

- Lisa: WHAT?????? Minimum of ONE YEAR!!! WHAT??????

- Josh: sad they are so young.

- Rebecca: Lucky for them they were not tried as adults....

- David: Slap on the wrist ....shame

- Patrice: There's a lesson to be learned by ALL involved and I hope they've learned that lesson....

- Kevin: Need to start trying juveniles as adults for serious offenses.

- Heidi: Justice is served.

- Sharon: what about all the kids ther 16 and 17 shouldnt be out all night drinking!

- Jinnifer: i hope now they go after all the bystanders who did nothing but tweet and post all over social media...

- Amber: That is not long enough. These boys were only crying because they got caught and finally have to face what they did.

- Terri: I feel really bad for the girl. Not only was she raped but had to testify. So terrible for her.

- Cindy: No justice is not served, they should have been tried as adults, they committed a disgusting adult crime, they should go to jail, share a cell with a huge man and kept there for a min of 10yrs. They also should have to be considered a sex offender, just like any other sex offender for life!!!!

- Lynn: That's the best news I heard all day thank goodness for justice

- Brenda: They will be out and doing it again because they got a slap on the wrists, what the hell is the matter with people, bunch of incompetent morons in that trial!!!

- Lisza: test the boys for sociopathy--while at it, test that judge

- Carol: perhaps the girl was wrong drinking so much but you would think that when she passed out they would have set her down somewhere safe and left her sober up, not treat her like a play thing to laugh at and poke at and even video. I am sure she will be in therapy for a longer time that they will be in jail. SO SAD all the way around but I am glad they have the guilty tag now.


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