Getting your child ready to 'March into kindergarten'

6:54 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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Is your child ready to make the transition from pre-school to kindergarten? It can be a stressful time as parents get ready to send their children off to kindergarten.

Timeka Woods knows the jitters all too well and that's why she is getting a head start with her daughter Tayleen during "March into Kindergarten," a campaign to aid parents in a crucial transition.

It gives them the time that they need in order for things to be in place, to make sure that we have the proper paperwork in order the first day of school with no delays and no hiccups.

One thing parents overlook the most is the medical attention that their child may need....shots...checkups... and physicals need to be in order before your child starts his or her school year.

There could be delays with the doctors and appointments and other issues I know arise when you are in a hurry to get things done.

Registering your child early affords you time to help enjoy and teach your child over the summer using that iPad or Kindle you may own.

When they enter, they may be seeing some of the same things within the classrooms as well, the same apps, the same games, the same instructional games in the classroom.

The more teachers know about your child, the more they can tailor your child's education.


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