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Plain Dealer changes: Social media reaction

12:38 PM, Apr 4, 2013   |    comments
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The Cleveland Plain Dealer has announced it is reducing its home delivery to just three days a week.

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The paper will still be printed seven days a week and available for purchase.  There is also an online edition for subscribers.   The changes go into effect this summer.

The news has impacted Northeast Ohioans. Here's a sampling of what they had to say on Twitter and Facebook.

From Twitter:

@Tribechic: The #PlainDealer will be losing my business. I will gladly only get a Sunday paper. #Lossofa7dayHomeSubscriber. Feel bad for workers

@JoshRoiland: If #Kickstarter for #VeronicaMars can raise $2mil in one day why not start one for Cleveland #PlainDealer so it can continue delivery #NDJED

@ericsandy: Could this new "Northeast Ohio Media Group" sound any more pedestrian? Ugh. What a lame, thoroughly unsurprising move. #PlainDealer

@SceneSallard: #PlainDealer to slash home delivery to 3 days/wk but will continue printing all seven days. What a ridiculous compromise.

Main post on SaveThePlainDealer Facebook page

Our initial reaction is that it's a bittersweet victory. We're pleased that Advance apparently listened to the campaign and the voices of thousands of Greater Clevelanders who want and need the daily paper to continue. That's the good news - that The Plain Dealer will continue to be published seven days a week.

We're saddened, though, that home delivery will be reduced to three days a week. That will inconvenience many loyal readers, and will prevent some, particularly the elderly, from having access to the paper. We also are saddened that the company intends to go forward with plans to let go more than one-third of The Plain Dealer's newsroom staff.

That will happen sometime later this summer, we learned today, rather than on May 1, which originally was the target date. Losing dozens of experienced, talented journalists inevitably will reduce the news coverage that Greater Clevelanders rely on. We continue to believe that there are less-disruptive methods the paper's owner and management could have undertaken as they shift to the digital delivery of news.

We intend to keep the Save The Plain Dealer campaign active, and to serve as an ongoing watchdog for quality journalism in Northeast Ohio. To all of you who have written, emailed, called and attended meetings to show your support, we are profoundly grateful, and we'll keep working on your behalf.


From WKYC's Facebook friends


Joyce: What about the elderly that don't have a computer ????

Karen: That's terrible for the elderly and folks with no computer! Very disheartened.

Jeannette:  Dang I stare at a computer screen all day long at work. The very last thing I want to do read a newspaper on line when I get home. Stupid move.

Vicki: I stopped subscribing because they leave the paper at the foot of the driveway. It's more likely to be buried in snow in the winter and be driven over than to be picked up and read.

Dianna: My main enjoyment is the comics and doing the puzzles daily. Can't do that online.

Robert: This is AWESOME!!!... get with the times people


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