See the Possible: Lakewood inventor invents 'quirky' grill

9:30 AM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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LAKEWOOD -- A local inventor from Lakewood is now seeing the possible after getting his product into stores. You never know where that one idea will take you.

Now his dream could lead to jobs for people in Northeast Ohio.

Tim Hayes said that, after getting a grill from his father last summer, the big idea struck.

"I just sat there and watch people eat the shish kabobs and I saw them use their dirty hands and forks and just struggle with it pushing it off," Hayes said.

"So, I initially thought of that idea within the first few minutes, grabbed a sketch book. Within a few hours had a design done."

Hayes then uploaded his design to That's a website that basically works like social media.

If enough people like it, quirky will start manufacturing it. That's how Hayes' "sliders" made their way into local stores.

"When you are actually walking into a Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond and see your own product, it's great, especially when your photo is on the back and in says Lakewood, Ohio," Hayes said.

It's not just kitchen gadgets that Hayes has designed.

Hayes aslo designed a medical device that one company is now backing with a quarter of a million dollar investment.

"It's one of those mass market products that every doctor uses. I just see so many possibilities in the medical industry, especially in Cleveland," Hayes said.

"By the end of this year, I hope to employ a lot of people to use their talents and help bring their products to life, as well and start to collaborate a big think tank in Lakewood."



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