Blog: 'Cleveland Browns' will be stars on Draft Day

9:08 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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NFL draft prospects in Radio City Music Hall's green room for the 2013 NFL Draft on April 25 will be joined by actors Kevin Costner and Denis Leary.

They will be filming "Draft Day" for Lionsgate. Leary will play Vince Penn, the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns, who finds himself up against the team's general manager, played by Costner.

It adds extra pressure as the GM attempts to trade up for the No. 1 pick. was first to report Costner's signing on Tuesday.

The film will be directed by Ivan Reitman and also star Jennifer Garner as Costner's love interest, according to Variety. "Draft Day" will be Costner's first football movie but he's no stranger to sports movies.

Actually, he's best known for his baseball movies: "Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, For Love of the Game." And don't forget the golf movie "Tin Cup."

To all you Browns fans, take note. Don't expect life to imitate art in the actual NFL draft because, while the Chiefs are reportedly looking to trade out of the top spot, our Browns have not shown any interest in trading up from the No. 6 pick....yet.

Personally, I agree with our sportscaster that Gene Hackman might have been a good choice for the head coach ala "The Replacements" but what do we know? We'll see.

But there's already a good sign that the Browns are returning to their winning ways.

What's that, you say? Well, the team in the movie was supposed to be the Buffalo Bills, but Lionsgate got better tax incentives in Ohio for filming here than in New York and made the team the Cleveland Browns.

Yes, I know we are in the Major League Baseball season but I thought that, after the Cleveland Indians were bludgeoned for the second day in a row by the New York Yankees in Progressive Field, I thought you could use some good news about a Cleveland sports team.

Last year, Buffalo went 6-10 and the Browns were 5-11.

Sigh. At least my Cleveland Browns finally won something.


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