Westlake: New Crocker Park boutique caters to 'Hot Mamas'

3:40 PM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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WESTLAKE -- Women are earning and spending at a greater rate than ever before. Marketing research finds women account for more than $7 trillion dollars in consumer and business spending in the U.S. A national boutique, "Hot Mama", is now open in Westlake and has built their business model around catering to this concept.

"I'm just looking for something for spring," says Tara McGuinness who is out with her two little ones.

"My mom actually told me about a new store opening so I looked on Facebook and saw," says McGuinness.

And even though the stereotype about women is that they love to shop, Tara - like most women - find it more of a love-hate.

"It's difficult...I don't think that every size usually fits."

Being comfortable in the clothes is one challenge, but also being comfortable in the store itself is another and an obstacle Hot Mama Boutique's founder wanted to eliminate.

"Her body had changed and the person that was helping her didn't understand that and wasn't bringing her things in the right size and she left in tears," says Regional Director, Jen Ware.

The founder wanted better fitting, on-trend clothing in her shop, and also aisles wide enough for strollers, animal crackers at the register for kids and toys in the dressing room.

"Really it's about the experience you get when you come in," says Ware.

Marketing research finds women control 80% of the household spending, but 91% of women in one survey said that advertisers don't understand them.

With the power of the mommy dollar out there, more stores may design a business model to follow suit.

To learn more about the boutique, click on their website, www.shopmama.com


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