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Cleveland: Runners finally return from Boston Marathon

6:55 PM, Apr 16, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Hundreds of runners are flying back home from Boston, still trying to come to terms with what was supposed to be a time of celebration now turned tragedy.

WKYC was at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and spoke with runners returning home.

Deana Fresenko heard the explosion. "It was kind of when I called my daughter when reality hit. I broke down because I was like, I was close to that," she said.

Deana Fresenko's voice catches in her throat as she remembers those terrifying moments after two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line.

She and her husband, both from Louisville, Ohio, had just crossed the finish line, celebrating their first Boston Marathon, and that feeling of elation was erased in seconds.

Chaos ensued as of hundreds of thousands of people, like Jocelyn Rood, frantically tried to call loved ones or friends still in the race.

Cell phone service went down after it happened.

Rood was about a block and a half away when the first bomb exploded. She says...even hours still isn't back to normal.

"The airport was full of armed guards....interviewing us," she said.

Tim McGinty was in Boston as a runner, not as the Cuyahoga County prosecutor, but he had choice words for whoever did this.

"These low lifes killed an 8-year-old child. Just a cheap, low life attack like this," he said.

All of these runners, like hundreds of others from Northeast Ohio, are still trying to come to terms with the tragedy that unfolded around them.


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