Opal House helps female heroin addicts get life back

4:50 PM, Apr 17, 2013   |    comments
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JEFFERSON --  It's a beautiful home and not one anybody would think has the simple purpose of saving lives.

It's called Opal House and it's the project of love for Cheryle McCourt. She understands heroin addiction better than most.  Her daughter, Becca, is a recovering addict.

Cheryle learned about the addiction living through Becca's experience. So one day she decided to focus on hope and bringing hope to those who are trying to come back from the darkness of addiction.

Opal House is a nine-bedroom facility that can house 16 women ages 18 and up who've completed rehab. The home is a sober place for them to learn life skills and get back to their lives. 

All women must do chores and find employment. They have to cook and clean for themselves, but they're also given access to 12 Step Programs (required) and classes to teach them about balancing finances, job interviewing, resume writing, GED tutoring even cooking, sewing and laundry. 

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