Akron: 'Too fat to tan' results in refund

6:55 PM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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AKRON -- Told she was too fat to tan, Kelly McGrevey says she's received an outpouring of support for big girls and everyone fighting discrimination.

On Monday, Aloha Tanning confirmed the salon refunded McGrevey's credit card. An employee told Channel 3 News that the Norton salon processed a refund Sunday.

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McGrevey said a credit has not yet shown up on her account, but she's glad to hear the salon changed its response. "Ultimately, that's what I wanted, was my money back," said McGrevey. 

McGrevey had taken steps to file a discrepancy report with her credit card company. Now she'll wait while a refund may be issued. 

She said she's been overwhelmed by the international attention her story has received. She had the few negative responses have been far outnumbered by others who praise her efforts to stand up herself.

"I'm not really the person to stick up for yourself anyways. That was like totally out of character for me to do that," said McGrevey. "I've heard from quite a few people that have thanked me because they have had bad experiences."

"I kind of feel good that I spoke up, not just for myself, but for other people that maybe weren't so brave," she said. 

"I just want to say thank you to all my friends and my family, and all the people that I don't know that have been so supportive. All the facebook messages that I've received, the phone calls that I've gotten, I just want to say thank you so much," she said.  

Another salon saw Channel 3 News and reached out to McGrevey through facebook, offering to honor her month-long tanning package at Tanner's Tanning in Akron. She can use any bed she chooses there, the owner said.

"It's just disgusting. It's discrimination," said Jackie Gamble, who operates three tanning salons. "I've busted an acrylic on the bed and I weigh 120 pounds. It really just depends where you put pressure."

"Seventy dollars, it's a lot of money to somebody, and if it made her feel better that I could give her something, than I'd like to make her feel better," said Gamble.

A contract attorney Channel 3 News contacted says the Ohio Revised Code allows you three days to rescind certain contracts, like those for gyms, dating services, weight loss programs or health spas under the Prepaid Entertainment Contracts Act.

You are entitled to a pro-rated refund if you've used the service.

Joseph Triscaro with DeMarco & Triscaro, Ltd., a Solon based law firm, says the best advice is to read the contact you're signing.

If you are signing a contract, pay special attention to provisions, like the right of rescission. It should outline how to void your contract and get your money back. 

Default provisions should tell you what happens if the business can't hold their end of the bargain. Read this, and you'll know your options. 

McGrevey says she never signed a contract with Aloha Tanning. 


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