Dave's Cosmic Subs: Dave Lombardy sees the possible

6:56 AM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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CHAGRIN FALLS -- You might have passed one of his stores around cleveland before or maybe you've eaten at Dave's Cosmic Subs once or twice.

Great subs but just who is "Dave" and where did he get the idea behind these little sub shops with lots of personality?

Back in mid 1970's, Dave Lombardy left Cleveland and moved to Los Angeles to become an actor and singer. At the time, Dave's father was an owner of Seaway Foods, a multi-million dollar business based in Cleveland.

But Dave wanted to make it on his own.

So he moved out to California and he rocked it out in a big way, with big hair and a big following with his band Foreplay.

But after 15 years, he decided to come back home to Cleveland. He turned a former house in Chagrin Falls into a sub shop.

You walk in and get a blast from the past -- music, artwork, and every sight and sound Dave could think of.

"My wife thought I was crazy," Dave said.

People went crazy for his subs and the little psychodelic sub shop took off. There are now 15 locations locally but Dave is not stopping there.

He's in Atlanta and opening 10 more shops in Texas.

Dave's Cosmic Subs

But with a growing franchise restaurant that's cosmically spreading across the universe, what does Dave Lombardy -- owner of Dave's Cosmic Subs and former lead singer of the band Foreplay --  think about this?

"When I played rock and roll, you know, I never, never, never got in Rolling Stone magazine," Dave said.

"I start this business and around five years ago, I get a call that Rolling Stone magazine is here. I say, 'you're kidding me!' So they're here filming, they order a tuna sub and they stick me in Rolling Stone magazine! I made it!"


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