Positively Cleveland: Attracting conventions to Cleveland

6:12 PM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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  • CLEVELAND -- Joe Pulizzi is in charge of the largest content marketing convention in the world.  He helps big name companies like AT&T and Petco with their own marketing campaigns. 

    But last year, he moved the convention to Columbus.  Joe says there wasn't a place large enough in Cleveland for a meeting with 1,000 guests.

    But now, he has already booked the new convention center for this fall.  Fifteen hundred executives from 30 countries will be here for four days in September. See the event information below the article.

    And to bring more business here, Joe is joining forces with Positively Cleveland with a campaign called Cleveland Champions.  They're urging local executives to invite the rest of the world to check us out.

    Joe says if visitors check out Cleveland just once, he's confident they'll come back.


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