Police: 'Amanda Berry is the real hero here'

12:38 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Cleveland police and law enforcement officers are giving credit to Amanda Berry for helping lead police to her and two other kidnapped women.

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The three were rescued Monday evening from a home on Seymour Avenue after going missing for a decade.

Police say a check of records shows no calls regarding criminal complaints at the home. Officers did go to the house in 2004 for an unrelated investigation but says no one answered the door.

Officers say three brothers Ariel Castro, 52, Pedro Castro 54, and O'Neal Castro, 50, are in custody. Charges are pending.

Investigators say there is no evidence that the kidnappings were part of any larger criminal activity. Police say they will rely primarily in information from Amanda, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight to help guide their investigation.

During a morning news conference, police said every lead in the cases were investigated and made reference to instances in 2012 and 2006 where locations were excavated in a search for Amanda and Gina respectively.

Berry who had been missing since 2003, kicked out the bottom of a locked door to get to a neighbor's house where she called for help on Monday evening.

Police say a 6-year-old girl found with the women was Amanda's daughter but it's not clear where the child was born.

Commander Ed Tomba told reporters, "Amanda is the real hero here."

Investigators say the discovery of the women was emotional for the officers and agents who had worked the cases for a decade. "Law enforcement officers cry too," said Stephen Anthony with the FBI.


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