Miracle in Cleveland gives others with missing family hope

7:32 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Hundreds of people across Northeast Ohio and millions more across the world feel so connected with the families of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight because they also share the journey -- their children are also missing.

Debbie Marmol is one such mother. Her daughter, Christina Lynn Adkins, has been missing for 18 years.  

When asked whether after all of these years, if she's given up hope, Marmol replies, "Never. And this gives me much more hope than I had. I mean, my hope was fading a little bit, but it isn't now."

Debbie Marmol's daughter disappeared in 1995 when she was 18 and pregnant. They lived on the west side of Cleveland.

Debbie says the two talked almost every day and disappearing just wasn't her daughter's nature.

When news broke Monday night, that three missing women were found alive, she so desperately wanted to hear her daughter's name: Christina Adkins.

Marmol said, "I kept hoping the girl they didn't identify at first was my daughter but I'm happy for all the moms. It's a good Mother's Day present. I just wish mine would come home."

Debbie says she admires the strength of Amanda Berry's family, of Gina DeJesus' family who never lost faith.

But for her, that journey has taken its toll.

Debbie says, "I would want the closure. I've held on long enough. Whether I get a phone call that says she's alive or that she's dead. I want that closure."

Still, she says, if by chance her daughter has been watching the news, kidnapped, unable to escape, she wants her to know this, "Christie, just please come home. I love you. I know you'll be home."

Debbie says the FBI contacted her again last week and asked for fresh DNA samples.

She hopes this renewed effort will bring her the closure she so desperately wants.

And if you have any information on any missing person, you are urged to call police.























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