Dispatch tapes: 'We found them!'

10:52 PM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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Cleveland police have released the dispatch tapes from the officers who initially responded to Amanda Berry's frantic call to 911.

Over the course of just a few minutes, officers come to the realization that a decade long mystery has come to an end.

Amanda, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were rescued after Amanda broke out a door at a house on Seymour and ran to a neighbor to call for help.

Police have charged Ariel Castro with rape and kidnapping. He's due in court on Thursday.

Here's transcription of the tapes released by police:

Dispatcher "I have a call taker on the phone with a female who says her name is Amanda Berry, and that she had been kidnapped 10 years ago. She is at this location now.

Officer "I copy, is she still on the line or has she hung up?"

Dispatcher "She is still on the phone right now. She is saying that the male is Ariel Castro. 52 year old Hispanic male that lives at 2207 Seymour, and that he has been holding her here for 10 years."

Officer "Ok, we are in route."

Officer "Adam 23 you got a box coming? This may be for real."

Officer "There may be others in the house."

"..Georgina DeJesus might be in this house also per."

Officer "Adam 23 radio."

Operator "Go ahead"

Officer "We found them, we found them."

Officer "Send us EMS here we've got a female conscious and breathing and she's got a young child with her."

Officer "Make it two"

Officer "We also have a Michelle Knight in the house. I don't know if you want to look that up in the radio, uh the system. 32 years old"

Dispatcher "Ok , I copy."



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