Ariel Castro's family mortified to be related

3:30 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- One of Ariel Castro's family members who have actually been to the Seymour Avenue home while the girls were being held captive says his entire family is mortified to be related to him.

Castro was charged with kidnapping and rape Wednesday.

"It's just crazy someone that you know could do this to someone you grew up with," a relative said.

He shares the Castro name, but is embarrassed to be related to the man accused of these horrific crimes. Especially when he knew one of the victims.

He has a message to all of them.

"That we're really sorry you girls had to endure this I knew Gina personally when I was younger and for her to go through this, ten years of her life is missing because of him it's just so sad."

When he got the news the girls were saved, he was elated. then, the second call came about who is suspected.

"I'm just in total shock that Ariel did this. My whole family is devastated that he did this."

"My family is just heartbroken from it all. We're trying to stay strong," he said. "Like the rest of the family said, no one knew about this if we would have known about this, these girls would have been saved years ago."

His message to the Castro that brought shame to the family name.

"You deserve it, you deserve everything coming. These girls didn't deserve this."

He wanted his identity withheld because his family now fears for their safety.

"Are you afraid of retribution from the community?

"I am [afraid of retribution from the community], I've heard people want revenge, but one man's mistake shouldn't be a burden on the entire family."



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