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Castro brothers speak out for first time since arrest, release

1:35 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Ariel Castro's two brothers spoke out Sunday for the first time since their arrest and release.

Police arrested Onil and Pedro Castro, showing their faces to the world. While Ariel Castro was the one actually charged with kidnapping and raping the the women for over a decade.

Last Thursday, police released Onil and Pedro Castro, saying neither man had anything to do with the crimes.

Both men sat down and spoke exclusively with CNN's Martin Savidge.

Here's a transcript from part of the interview:

Martin: Do you worry now that people will always suspect that you actually did have a role?

Onil: Absolutely.

Pedro: Yes.

Onil: And the people out there that know me, they know that Onil Castro is not that person and has nothing to do with that. Would never even think of something like that. I was a very liked person, individual. I've never had any enemies. No reason for anybody to think that I would ever do something like that. It's a shock to all my friends. They couldn't believe it.

Pedro: Same, I, I,... I couldn't never think of doing anything like that. If I knew that my brother was doing this,

Onil: I would have (inaudible).

Pedro: I would not be, not.... In a minute, I would call the cops because that ain't right. But, yeah, it's going to haunt me down because people going to think, yeah, Pedro got something to do with this and Pedro don't have nothing to do with this. If I knew, I would have reported it. Brother or no brother.

More details from the interview will come out in parts.


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