Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight are now free from captivity

10:30 AM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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Last week when Amanda Berry called 911, one of Cleveland's most longest running mysteries began to unravel.

Police responded to a call that ended with the discovery of three women who had been missing for several years.

Photos:Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight found alive

This week, as police sort out their investigation, we're looking to answer any questions you may have about the Miracle in Cleveland.

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Q:Where were they found?
A: Seymour Avenue, Cleveland's west side (READ MORE)

Q: How did they escape?
A: With help from neighbor, Charles Ramsey, Amanda was able to kick open a door. (READ MORE)

Q: Who was inside the house?
A: Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, and Amanda's 6 year old daughter (READ MORE)

Q: What was inside the house?
A: Police say they found ropes, chains, several padlocks (READ MORE)

Q: Who is the father of the 6 year old girl?
A: DNA tests confirm Ariel Castro is the father (READ MORE)

Q: Where was the 6 year old born?
A: In a plastic pool, inside the home (READ MORE)

Q: What is Ariel Castro charged with?
A: Kidnapping and rape

Q: What will happen to the home on Seymour Avenue?
A: Right now is fenced in and will be protected as evidence in case against Ariel Castro (READ MORE)

Q: How long was Gina DeJesus missing?
A: Since April 2nd, 2004 (READ MORE)

Q: How long was Amanda Berry missing?
A: Since April 21st, 2003 (READ MORE)

Q: How long was Michelle Knight missing?
A: She was last seen in August of 2002 (READ MORE)

Q: Where are the women now?
A: With family, they've asked for privacy (READ MORE)

Q: What happened to Ariel Castro's brothers?
A: They were released from jail and face no charges in connection with the kidnappings (READ MORE)

Q: How can I help these women?
A: Donations are being accepted by the Cleveland Courage Fund (READ MORE)

Q: Were any remains found in the house?
A: No, police did not find any remains (READ MORE)

Q: Who is Ariel Castro?
A: He was a former school bus driver, and a local musician (READ MORE)

Q: Did these women ever leave the house on Seymour Avenue?
A: The women told police they only recall being outside twice during their captivity (READ MORE)

Q: What's next for Ariel Castro?
A: He will be held until his next court hearing on $8 million bond (READ MORE)

Q: Will Castro face the death penalty?
A: The prosecutor is looking into this but has not determined (READ MORE)



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