Cleveland: One year later, local restaurants happy with casino as neighbor

10:53 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The Horseshoe Casino opened in Downtown Cleveland in May 2012.

A year later, local restaurants who operate in the area see the casino as a good neighbor.

Since day one, Rock Gaming estimated the impact from gaming tax revenue into the local economy would be $100 million. 

So far, the impact has registered about $25 million from gaming tax revenue.

Across the street from the Horseshoe, a manager at the Tilted Kilt says the casino still helps drive in patrons, especially in the slower winter months.

Matthew Stone says, the initial crowds died down after the first five to six months the casino was in business. 

But he still considers it a success for the neighborhood.

"It gives the city a reason to help build of the area,  invest more and make it a better area to live," said Matthew Stone.

Down on Public Square The Flaming Ice Cube, a much-loved vegan cafe, the clientele is not especially influenced by the casino crowd.

"We were actually voted the '4th Best Burger' in the U.S. for Veg Weekly magazine," said Kelly Crowley, of the cafe's specialty along with salads and fruit smoothies.

Crowley sees not the economic impact, but the signs of a growing neighborhood.

"I think it's definitely good for downtown. It brings more people down here, and that's not a bad thing," said Crowley.


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