Cleveland community rallies support of Seymour rescuers

2:51 AM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Amanda Berry's cries for help prompted not one but several neighbors along Seymour Avenue to jump into action. 

Aurora Marti claims she was standing on a porch across from Ariel Castro's home when she noticed a woman waving and screaming for help.

"Help me, help me, Amanda Berry's here," Aurora recalls the young woman shouting.  

Unable to open the door herself, Aurora called for other neighbors to assist her.  

Among those who helped was Angel Cordero, who says a large chain on Ariel Castro's front door made it difficult to break through.  

When Amanda and her daughter were finally freed, Cordero recalls Amanda warning there were two other girls tied inside.

"I just thank God the three families got them girls back again," Cordero said, through a translator.  

Hero has been a label tossed around a lot in the last week during the aftermath of Amanda, Gina, and Michelle's rescue, which is why one group thought it fitting to hold a fundraiser Tuesday in honor of Charles Ramsey and Angel Cordero.  

"What they did they actually took a stand to go against the norm, per se, and made a difference and this is one of the biggest stories in recent memory," explained Marlin Martin, who helped organize the hero fundraiser at Xecutive UltraLounge.

"The primary goal was to show support show gratitude for local hometown heroes."


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