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Ariel Castro's family paying the price

7:15 PM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND --  Julio Castro's corner grocery store has been open for 44 years, but the last 11 days have been the toughest. 

His store is just down the block from his nephew Ariel's house.  It's the same house where Amanda, Gina and Michelle were held captive for the past decade.

Castro says he has come to terms that there were two sides to his nephew, Ariel.

Julio Castro said, "This was a beautiful guy, but inside there was evil."  

Castro says he has lost some business following the arrest of his nephew. He says some of his regular customers have stayed away because they're scared.

Castro says he will stay open, because after time, he believes his former customers will think of him more as the friendly guy at the corner store, than the uncle of Ariel Castro.


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