Live Traffic Blog: Prepare for your afternoon commute

8:33 AM, May 31, 2013   |    comments
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  • CLEVELAND -- This is the first day the West Shoreway will be closed due to the filming of Captain America 2.  Some 30,000 commuters will have to find an alternate routes to work and home due to the closure.

    Below is a live blog of updates from WTAM 1100 Total Traffic from Friday morning's commute.

    The city is taking steps to ensure the afternoon commute is smooth

    Morning blog posts:

    9:32 a.m. It took our own Stephanie Coueignoux 1 hour 8 minutes and 44 seconds to travel from Lake Avenue at the Shoreway to get back to our studio on Lakeside Avenue.

    9:10 a.m.: From TrafficPat   Detroit Ave. & Lorain Ave. still very busy from W. 65th to W. 25th.  Westside delay on 90 EB from W. 98th to Innerbelt. 490 EB heavy from Broadway to E. 55th.

    9:08 a.m.: 480 EB still slow from 77 to Warrensville. Disabled vehicle still blocks center lane near Transportation Blvd.

    8:50 a.m.: WTAM's Pat Butler reporting that Detroit Ave. EB delays from W. 117th to Downtown.  This is the primary alternate route for the Shoreway Shutdown.  Movie crew has hired extra officers to help with traffic control.

    8:44 a.m.: From @TrafficPat (WTAM 1100's Pat Butler): 90 EB now slow from Bunts to Innerbelt, 490 EB really jammed from Broadway to E. 55th.

    8:31 a.m: From WTAM's Pat Butler on Twitter (@TrafficPat) Westside 90 EB delays getting better, now slow from Hillard to Innerbelt, after that 490 EB is completely jammed.

    8:24 a.m. Police ask drivers via Twitter to exit at E. 9 from 2 Westbound.

    8:16 a.m.: From @TrafficPat Westside delays: 90 EB slow at Clague then really jammed from Warren Rd. to Innerbelt. Detroit Ave. extra busy from W. 117th to Downtown.

    8:06 a.m.: From @TrafficPat 490 EB solid this morning from 71 to 77.

    7:56 a.m. From Stephanie Coueignoux at Lake Avenue and Cliffton: She estimates an hour delay for drivers trying to enter downtown Cleveland.

    7:50 a.m: From Pat Butler on Twitter (@TrafficPat) 90 EB stop n go traffic from Columbia Rd. in Westlake to Innerbelt now.

    7:36 a.m.: From Pat Butler on Twitter (@TrafficPat) 90 EB volume building in Westlake now, then slow from Detroit Rd. to Innerbelt.

    7:33 a.m.: ODOT reports travel speed on I-90 between Rocky River and Cleveland down to 25 mph. 

    7:10 a.m.: From Pat Butler on Twitter (@TrafficPat) 90 EB volume already building through Rocky River then slow from Hilliard to Innerbelt.

    Check ODOT's traffic cams for I-90:

    6:55 a.m.: Pat Butler reports I-90 East slow at W. 117th.

    6:35 a.m.: Accident reported on the Innerbelt, 90-West at Prospect

    6:30 a.m: WTAM's Pat Butler reports I-90 eastbound already slower than usual especially from W. 44th to the Innerbelt.






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