Streetsboro: Concerned Citizens test water near fracking sites

8:00 PM, Jun 2, 2013   |    comments
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STREETSBORO -- Fracking is the process of drilling or injecting liquids into the ground to fracture shale rocks, which in turn releases natural gas.

While some property owners see the monetary benefits of leasing land for fracking, others are speaking out against the potential health concerns. 

A large number of Portage County residents get their water from wells, so the Concerned Citizens of Ohio started free water testing about a year ago.

Every month they test residents' water for 4 different toxins. They hope to monitor levels to see if any red flags are raised.

They said that some months they have upwards of 30 people and about 28 of them had at least one toxin measuring out of bounds.

Testing occurs the first Sunday of every month at the Streetsboro Eagles.


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