"Fatherhood 101" movie premieres

8:20 PM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- There's been lots of attention to movies about superheroes being shot here lately.

But a movie focussing on real-life heroes, all kinds of men striving to be good Dads,was shot here.

It has its world premiere Thursday night at Tower City Cinema and multiple showings Father's Day weekend.

Director Marquette Williams, formerly of Twinsburg, spoke to 150 dads of all varieties in making the documentary.

He's trying to overcome media images of Dads as either inept bumblers or strong silent types and portray their real emotions about the most important job they'll ever have -- trying to raise healthy balanced children.

"I'm actually trying to attack the image of fatherhood that has been twisted and morphed into Al Bundy...We are also viewed as lumps on a log that don't emotionally care," he said.

Proud father of two John Carter appears in the movie and will see it with his family.

"I'm so looking forward to them seeing the way I feel about them. I know I tell them I love them and hug them and I support them...I was one of the criers," he said.

Cleveland Heights Dad Zakee Ali also appears in the film and says it was therapeutic to talk about being a father.

"I never felt like I got it figured out....Your insecurities, your fears...I don't know anyone prepared to be a dad," he said.

Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones is a co-executive producer of the film.

He was committed to father-helping programs with the county. Some are portrayed in the film.

"It's to give a pat on the back to those fathers already doing a good job...on the other hand, to be a stimulus to those dads who could do better," he said.

"Instead of getting a tie, take your Dad to see "Fatherhood 101,"" he suggested.

The film debuts here, but will be shown in other Ohio cities and cities elsewhere, including Detroit and Houston.

If there's a large enough audience, it could be distributed nationally. It may evolve into a TV show and other websites.

The film was financed by the St. Luke's Foundation and other private donors.

Fatherhood101 Facebook Page

For information about showings here, check  clevelandcinemas.com

For more information about the film itself, consult fatherhood101


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