Investigator: Crime lab testing for additional Castro victims

5:41 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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COLUMBUS -- The state crime lab is testing newly submitted evidence from Cleveland Police to determine whether there are additional victims in the case against Ariel Castro, a spokesman said.

Investigators spent much of the week at Castro's home on Seymour Avenue. A FBI spokeswoman called it a routine check of the crime scene performed at the request of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty in anticipation of going to trial.

But now, some newly collected evidence has been sent to the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation for testing.

The evidence will undergo DNA testing, said Ohio Attorney General's Office spokesman Dan Tierney.

The lab has been asked to determine if other victims might have been in Castro's house, he said.  

Police might be seeking to identify additional women who were in Castro's home, or they could be trying to determine if there is evidence that can bolster one of his captive's claim that Castro caused her to have an abortion.

The Investigator Tom Meyer reported last week, according to sources, Castro  had equipped an attic bedroom with chains and tie-downs.

That room was off-limits to the three women Castro already held captive and they told police they never went inside it.

Castro is also charged with the aggravated murder of a fetus. Experts have said that prosecutors might have a difficult time proving their case if they can't provide forensic evidence of the how the woman's pregnancy was terminated.

Castro pleaded not guilty to 329 criminal counts during a very brief court arraignment earlier this week.


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