Cuyahoga Falls | Dams removed along the Cuyahoga River

5:54 PM, Jun 17, 2013   |    comments
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Removal of dams along the scenic Cuyahoga River is a project decades in the making.

There are two slated to be taken out this month alone.

WKYC Photojournalist Carl "Big Daddy" Bachtel heads to his hometown of Cuyahoga Falls to take one last look before the river changes forever.

Take a good look at this stretch of the Cuyahoga River. Soon, it's going to change.

Watch the 'Dam Cam' on the city's website by the end of the week

These low-head dams, the LaFever's powerhouse and Sheraton Mill, are monuments to the area's industrial past.

Once they take the dams down, we'll actually be returning the river to how it was 200 years ago, which could reveal things no one has ever seen.

Bill Zawiski is with Ohio EPA. This dam removal project has been a long time coming.

Cuyahoga Falls will join Kent and Munroe Falls in going "dam-less." The Sheraton Mill dam comes down first, using a barge.

That barge is going to get floated down to the top of the dam, anchored off, and then they'll start slicing off sections of the dam, about a foot at a time.

LaFever's powerhouse, from the bottom up. Historic changes for Cuyahoga Falls.

This will give us a glimpse back in time about 200 years.


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