Blog | LeBron's Sunday tweets 'clears up' Green's arrival

6:32 PM, Jun 23, 2013   |    comments
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Some Cleveland fans were unhappy when the Heat and LeBron James won the NBA championship last week. Many Akron fans of LeBron were just happy the hometown star won a second ring, something he dearly wanted.

But then many wondered why the Spurs' Danny Green was shown smiling at the Heat victory party? Was he there to "celebrate" or what? On Sunday afternoon, LeBron tweeted twice, that Green wasn't there to celebrate but to congratulate:

TweetDanny Green did not party with us on Thursday night. He came to say congrats and I told him how proud of him I was for taking advantage

Tweetfull advantage of the opportunity he was giving and keep going. We dapped up, showed love and he left #StopBelievingAllYouHear

Don't forget, Danny Green used to be a Cleveland Cavalier when LeBron was there, long before "The Decision." They were friends before he left and it's no surprise that they remained friends.

I think it was a lot of Internet uproar for no reason.

Now I know people like to look at LeBron as a traitor to Cleveland and the Cavaliers and I have maintained all along that it wasn't "what" he did but "how" he did it --- in a special on ESPN.

Now, let's look forward -- literally. According to a report, the Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as one team with interest in the Boston Celtics veteran small forward Paul Pierce. The offer from Cleveland, reportedly, is two second-round picks for Pierce.

Now Pierce has played all of his NBA career with the Celtics and I think he would be a good addition to play with Kyrie Irving.

And I know there are lots of you out there that would love to get LeBron back as a Cavalier to play with Irving. I know I would. Because as many rings as he might get, I think that, deep down, LeBron wants a ring as a Cavalier.

Call me crazy -- many people do -- but it could happen.

So as I write this Sunday night, I'm watching one of my favorite movies, "Sweet Home Alabama." My favorite lines? "Why would you want to marry me? and the response "So I can kiss you whenever I want."

Thinking about Cleveland's first and long love affair with LeBron that may just have a chance of rekindling made me think again of my first love.

And wouldn't you just love to have LeBron back in a Cavs jersey?


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