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Cleveland: Landlord closes Public Square nightclub

8:56 AM, Jun 29, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Patrons planning to spend a Friday evening at Lounge 75, a nightclub just off Public Square, were greeted by signs announcing the club's out of business there.

Last Saturday morning after closing time, 23-year-old Demario Warren was gunned down and killed near a parking lot close to the club. A 21-year-old girl was shot in the ankle.

Early this week, a memorial of stuffed animals and artificial flowers seemed out of place on a downtown sidewalk.

Police claimed trouble that started inside the club exploded outside.

Landlord Dan Dzina decided to cancel the club's lease.

He told Channel 3 News that while the club may not have been directly responsible for the shooting, it was drawing a young trouble-making crowd.

Dzina claimed the club had an off-duty policeman working outside and security guards inside the night of the shooting.

He says security cameras inside and outside the club showed no fights or violence.

There was a shooting near the same location two years ago.

It was a different club with a different name. Three men were wounded.

The club closed down last weekend after the shootings because of water problems.

City Councilman Joe Cimperman had vowed to go after the club's liquor license and use whatever means necessary to close it down.

City officials and downtown businesses have bad memories of violence in the Flats and other Warehouse District locations and wanted to clamp down on trouble before it got out of hand.

They know one nasty incident can do great damage to downtown's image despite the fact that crime statistics show it's a safe place.

Police have made no arrests in Warren's killing.

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