Tall Ships: Sorlandt brings international flair

6:50 PM, Jul 3, 2013   |    comments
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The Sorlandet brings a true international flare, hailing from Kristiansand, Norway.

She is the largest ship in both size and number of sails in the fleet and knows how to make an entrance.

She was built in 1927 as a training vessel for young naval cadets and continues that mission of teaching today.

Capt. Bjarke Wahlqvist says, "We can't sail the ship without the trainees, actually. We need the power and we need them to go aloft. We have 27 sails and all of them have to be loosened manually."

The Sorlandet carries the Norwegian flag at international events, including a recent spot in Toronto. One of the passengers, the Norwegian ambassador Mona Brother said, "The school that they organized on board is a very good example of how we can train young people to carry on the maritime tradition."

The Class Afloat is a private school were students can complete their 11th or 12th grade year aboard ship as she sails around the world.

Adam Stacey, of the Class Afloat, said, "All of our students are expected to be contributing members of the crew. So they have a lot of fun but they have a lot of fun as well."

Normally, the Sorlandet is an ocean-going vessel, so sailing in the Great Lakes is different.

Wahlqvist said, "It's going to get more challenging because you have to make maneuvers more often then we are used to."

But the trainees are up for the challenge.

Stacey added, "At the end of the school year, our students are intimately aware how much work goes into maintaining Solandet and making her look as good as she can."


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