Tall Ships: Meet the Fleet

8:11 PM, Jul 3, 2013   |    comments
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The Pride of Baltimore II recreates a Baltimore Clipper that fought during the War of 1812. The ship's design made it fast and agile to outmaneuver larger british ships.

Jill Hughes, Chief Mate on the Pride of Baltimore II, said, "We are trying to represent a privateer. So we have some cannons aboard the boat. Then a lot of old technologies. Lots of lines, rigging, a windless, ships wheel, period stuff."

The original Lynx severed in the War of 1812 as a blockade runner, fighting off British ships to deliver goods to various sites and ports.

Jonny Slanga, the Lynx's Second Mate, said, "And so what we have done is built an interpretation based off the original designs to give people an idea what life aboard a ship and working aboard a ship would have been like."

Liana's Ransom is from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The ship is dedicated as a privately owned vessel and earns her living in the British Virgin Islands.

Capt. Joe Tilley said, "In the Caribbean we are a pirate ship; when we are in Halifax, we are a privateer; and for this summer, we are a royal navy schooner from the War of 1812."

The Peacemaker was built using traditional methods in Brazil using tropical hardwoods. Capt. Larry Clinton said it was built as a private yacht, it wasn't a cargo vessel or a fishing vessel or a Navy vessel. Consequently, it is finished a little bit more detailed then most.

The Denis Sullivan is a re-creation of a 19th century Great Lakes schooner. Not only is it the official flagship of Wisconsin, but it is also a floating science classroom.

Senior Capt. Tiffany Krihwan said, "Our mission is fresh water awareness. And we teach the issues that threaten the Great Lakes, invasive species, the sustainability of the Great Lakes."

The Appledore IV is one of two schooners that are part of the non-profit organization BaySail. The ship's mission is to promote environmental stewardship on the Great Lakes by letting people experience what it's like to sail on the tall ship.


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