Cuyahoga County: Assistant prosecutor fired

6:56 PM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
William Kaczmarek. Photo: Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's office.
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CUYAHOGA COUNTY -- Former assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor William Kaczmarek has been fired for keeping company with a defendant who allegedly ran an escort service and faces drug, prostitution, kidnapping and rape charges.

The information's contained in Kaczmarek's application to get unemployment benefits.

Kaczmarek is the second assistant prosecutor recently fired by Prosecutor Tim McGinty.

The defendant is Gregory Krajnyk. His computer contained pictures of Kaczmarek with a nude escort.

Kaczmarek told detectives he knew Krajnyk and women in his business.

Kaczmarek was not handling the case. He was hired in 2006 and worked in the Juvenile Court unit.

Assistant Prosecutors serve at the will of McGinty.

He was fired for "conduct outside the workplace that causes public embarrassment" for the office.

In a statement, McGinty said, "his conduct showed extremely poor judgement and failed to reflect the integrity I expect -- and the people of Cuyahoga County expect -- from every employee of this office.

In an unrelated case, last month McGinty fired Assistant Prosecutor Aaron Brockler.

Brockler said he did nothing wrong and should not have been fired.

McGinty said  Brockler "engaged in an internet deception that may have compromised the state's ability to succesfully pursue a dangerous killer."

McGinty is trying to change the culture and raise the standards of behavior in the prosecutor's office.

He's prohibited employees from running for elected office, allowing incumbents to finish their terms.

The prosecutor's office has more than 200 attorneys.

Kaczmarek could not be reached for comment. He does not face any criminal charges.


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