Blog: Celebrities that did and didn't age well

4:45 PM, Jul 7, 2013   |    comments
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Music idols and movie celebrities never age in their movies, videos or songs but you'd be surprised how old some of them really are now.

I know I wasn't all that surprised that Beatles drummer Ringo Starr turned 73 on Sunday. I mean, he was the oldest of The Beatles, beating John Lennon by 90 days.

Since John and George Harrison are dead and Paul McCartney turned 71 in June, being old is better than being dead.

Sunday was also the 86th birthday of Tonight Show bandleader Doc Severinsen. Considering that the other two in the famous Tonight Show trio -- Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon -- are dead, it sort of proves my aforementioned point.

Monday is actor Kevin Bacon's 55th birthday and he hardly looks a day older than his "Footloose" days, right? Yet singer Steve Lawrence did not age as well, as he turns 78 Monday.

But an exception is actor Jeffrey Tambor, who turns 69 but always looked a lot older than he really was.

Tuesday is actor Brian Dennehy's 75th birthday and he still looks the same as he did 30 years ago -- for better or for worse.

Tom Cruise's love interest in "Top Gun" -- Kelly McGillis -- turns 56 and is still a stunner. But here's one that may shock you -- "The Wonder Years" wunderkind Fred Savage turns 37 on Tuesday. Yikes!

Moving along, I can believe actor Tab Hunter is 82 on Wednesday, looking at recent pictures. But guitarist Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi turns 54 and has looked the same for years. And now that actress Lisa Rinna has had her over-botoxed lips reduced, she looks a lot more normal as she turns 50.

Thursday's birthdays include Ron Glass (68), best remembered for his detective role in "Barney Miller." And what can you say about legend Arlo Guthrie, who turns 66.

On Friday, Bill Cosby turns 76 and fitness guru Richard Simmons turns 65. Charlie's Angel Cheryl Ladd turns 62 and is still a stunner.

Saturday is Harrison Ford's 71st birthday and, in my opinon, would look a lot better without the earring in his ear. But he will always be Han Solo first and Indiana Jones second to me. ("Laugh it up, fuzzball")

My birthday?

Those also born on Dec. 27 include Jae Head (S.J. in the movie "The Blind Side"), NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie, TV anchor Cokie Roberts, Anders Celsius (astronomer who came up with the temperature scale), actress Marlene Dietrich, scientist Louis Pasteur and quarterback Carson Palmer.  

Wish I had done this back on May 2, because people born May 2 are characterized by charm and tact and people are drawn to their charm and charisma. They can also be stubborn, according to their horoscope, but are "as solid as a two-ton rock."

Born on May 2 were comedian Pinky Lee, actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and -- need I say more? -- David Beckham. And, in my opinion, even though books say Batman's birthday is either April 7 or Feb. 19, I believe it is truly May 2.

Don't ask. Have a great week.


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