Cleveland neighbors feel their pothole woes are overlooked

11:40 PM, Jul 8, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Joe Dennis has lived in the same home on East 90th Street his entire 57 years of life. 

For almost half that time, he says he's been fighting a pothole problem that reoccurs every year.

Dozens of holes--all the way down to the brick layer four inches deep--make driving on E. 90th an obstacle course.

Dennis says he's taken his concerns time and again to the City of Cleveland and his city councilman.

He's asked the city to repave the road, Dennis says, his councilman Ken Johnson tells him it will be on the plan for the next year.

"We're always on next year's list. Next year's list. Next year's list.

"They've promised a lot of things, but you can look at the street and see nothing's happened.

Between Buckeye and Holden Avenue, E. 90th is a common thoroughfare for people driving to Kinsman.

But there aren't many residents: just three homes, two churches and two businesses on this block.

Dennis thinks that may be one reason crews haven't been quicker to respond.

"My argument would be, if there was one house on this street, the city owes this one house the same respect as any street downtown or any place else, because the same folks pay taxes," said Dennis.

Ward 4 Cleveland Councilman Ken Johnson says chuckholes are the biggest problem in the city right now.  Johnson told Channel 3, it would cost $100,000 to repave just that stretch of E. 90th, but he would pass Mr. Dennis's complaints along once again.

A spokesperson for the City of Cleveland told Channel 3, pothole repair crews are still out on an average of seven to eight crews working a day.

Rob Mavec, Commissioner of Streets, will send a crew to check on the road again Tuesday morning. Repairs will likely be completed by the end of the week, weather permitting.


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