Barberton: Residents demand action following flooding

7:15 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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BARBERTON -- The flooding rains may have stopped but, in parts of Summit County, people's yards still look more like lakes...and tonight they are demanding action.

Channel 3's Will Ujek and John Anderson bring you their stories.

The sound of water pumps busy emptying flooded basements could be heard all around Barberton. But for some, it wasn't the first time they had to go through this.

Nikki Mynk moved here in May with her husband and daughter, Jade. The storm Wednesday left over six feet of water in her basement.

Damage? Yes, the furnace, hot water tanks, every time it happens. They moved their cars during the storm, so they wouldn't get flooded in. Now it's a precarious walk to get to them.

They have to walk through the water, over the railroad tracks, and through more water just to get to our cars.

They didn't lose their electric service, but they don't have gas, which means boiling water to bathe Jade. Several TV's and other items in the basement are probably a loss, as are many items owned by her landlord in the garage.

They didn't think it would get this bad but it did. And it got bad fast.


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