WKYC's Joe Cronauer takes an inside look at viral videos

6:15 AM, Jul 15, 2013   |    comments
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Each Monday morning, WKYC's Joe Croanuer searches the web for the viral videos people are talking about.

Here's the July 15, 2013 edition:


Twisted opening pitch!

A former South Korean national team rhythmic gymnast throws out an awe-inspiring opening pitch.


Bubba's Hover comes to Ohio!

The Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio will become the first course in the United States to have two hovercraft carts available for public use.

The following video showing golf star Bubba Watson riding around a course in his very own Oakley hovercraft.  By the end of this summer you can hover like Bubba!  According to the club's employees, the golf cart won't be available until later in August and will cost $230 per player to rent. 


Girlfriend Rude Awakening!

This guy went to great lengths to scare his girlfriend according to London's Daily Telegraph James Williams "spent weeks carefully planning the trick and constructing a puppet ghost, out of papier-mâché, bubble wrap, coat hangers, and tape with arms that could be made to move by pulling on strings."

He even told her that he thought he saw a woman standing in front of the TV in the middle of the night. 

Then Williams waited for her to fall asleep and he attached the puppet to the front of the TV.  He woke her up to catch her horror on camera.


Dogs out the window!

A collection of canines catching some open air! 


Sideline reporter gets flattened!

FOX Sports Next/Scout.com reporter Amy Campbell was recording a sideline interview during a high school football practice.  She took quite a hit but she later said on her twitter account she's fine and "she could take a hit! "


Flipped Reporter

A reporter for Global News in Canada is definitely outstanding in his field...at least for a little while!  He takes an amazing hit and finishes his report! 


Have a favorite video? Send Joe Cronauer the link -- joecronauer@wkyc.com.


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