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Breastfeeding note on receipt gains global attention

1:49 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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Photo: CNN / KCCI.
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  • DES MOINES, Iowa -- The note a waitress left on a family's dinner receipt has lots of moms celebrating.

    Jackie Johnson-Smith, her husband and their three small children decided to celebrate her birthday Sunday at Fong's Pizza downtown.

    "They sat down and asked me for a high chair, and I brought a high chair and they ordered a pizza," waitress Bodi Kinney says.

    But a few minutes later, 1-year-old Stellen became fussy.

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    "And then I noticed the baby stopped crying and my ears kinda perked up and said, 'Well, I know why babies stop crying instantly,'" Kinney continued.

    Johnson-Smith was breastfeeding the baby under a cover.

    "I saw her (the waitress) notice me nursing and with my societal fears of being ostracized because of it, I instantly felt panic, like 'What is she thinking?' You know, 'Is she not wanting me to do this here?'"

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    Kinney wasn't upset whatsoever.

    "She was breast-feeding and I was very pleased," the waitress says.

    So pleased, in fact, the waitress bought the family's pizza.

    But what she wrote on the bill is now drawing international attention: "I bought your pizza. Thanks for breastfeeding."

    "I read it several times, and tears started welling in my eyes, and I thought I can't believe that this just happened," Johnson-Smith says.

    CNN / KCCI

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