East Cleveland murders stir emotions for family of Imperial Women

3:22 AM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- The discovery of the three women in East Cleveland has stirred up memories of convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell.

One of the relatives of one of Sowell's victims is sharing her emotions during this time.

Annette Dozier Bell has not forgotten the community's outcry in 2009: That a serial murder spree wouldn't happen in Cleveland again.

"It's sad that someone actually wanted to be like [Sowell]," Bell said.

Her sister, Crystal Dozier, was one of Anthony Sowell's eleven victims.

In East Cleveland, police say Michael Madison, who is suspected of killing at least three women, was influenced by Sowell.

"They've found three. How long has he been mimicking Sowell that we don't know about?" Dozier said.

How one person could quietly commit so many murders is something neighbors on Imperial Avenue have seen before, but can't understand.

"The police say they're trying to protect us, but people go missing every day and nobody's doing anything about it," said Alexis Adams.

Adams' cousin lives across the street from where the Sowell house once stood, where police found the bodies of the women Sowell murdered. 

Now just an empty field, she worries the significance of the site may be forgotten.

"[Sowell] got away with eleven women. I think it shows you can do whatever you want, kill anybody walking down the street," Adams said.

Annette Dozier Bell says her family does not even drive down Imperial Avenue.

East Cleveland may be another town, but for Dozier's family, the pain of missing a sister is not far away.

"It's sad there are more families who have to go through the suffering, and waiting, and not knowing if it's their loved one [in East Cleveland]," said Bell.


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