Watch: Video Joe's web picks for August 5

10:04 AM, Aug 5, 2013   |    comments
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Welcome to another edition of Video Joe! The most fun and popular videos found on the web! We start with a touching video of "Shadow" a Shepard Dog with a baby goat that is Shadow's baby!




O2 is a mobile Phone Company in the UK and came up with this campaign called " Be More Dog" Again, nothing against cats and their owners, but according to this video, "Dogs have more fun!"




This is a Vine video that is only 7 seconds but you will end of watching over times - guaranteed!




This next video hit the internet 7 days ago and already has 1.3 million hits Took Place in South Korea during a driving test - the driving instructor who unsuccessfully tries to avert the crash. He realizes things aren't going to plan when his student immediately swerves to the left and heads towards some hedges. He desperately calls out for her to brake but instead she keeps going and then topples the car. The woman shouts 'Oh my, what do we do?' This elicits an angry response from her passenger who replies: 'That's why I told you to press the brakes. You will watch this over and over again too!




This Russian phone thief thought he had picked an easy prey. He saw a woman texting and thought he would have easy pickings. He probably regretted it. Bear in the woods in Alberta Canada




Ever wonder what bears do when we're not looking? These images were captured with a remote wildlife camera as various species visited a "communications" or "rub" tree in Kananaskis Country, leaving a scent as a form of communication to other bears and animals. This answers the age old questions - Does a bear......rub his back on a tree in the woods? Uh....yes.




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